The Government of Ghana has established the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to serve as a focal point for stakeholders and interface between the executive and legislature among others. The ministry’s functions are mainly to facilitate and champion the promotion of government business in Parliament. Its creation is expected to ensure the continuous engagement and consensus building between the arms of government and make them responsive to the needs and aspiration of the public, to successfully address the challenges/demands of democracy, ensure rule of law and improve the responsiveness of Parliament to the State and its citizens as part of the broader public sector accountability, government expect the MPA to achieve the following:

  • Create the enabling environment for the necessary cooperation and awareness for the sector ministries thereby reducing the silo mentality in the development and implementation of policies and programmes.
  • Ensure that higher level decision-makers such as the Presidency or Parliament work in a harmonious and collaborative environment void of suspicion. This will go a long way in enhancing our democratic credentials and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the legislature to meet the needs of the executive
  • Improve Parliament-Executive relationships and the management of government business on the floor of Parliament
  • Enhance representation, transparency and accountability in cabinet or bring to bear the perspective of Parliament on cabinet deliberations