Policy Objectives

The sector policy objectives are to:

  • position the ministry as an effective interface between the Executive and Parliament  to facilitate the attainment of the President’s vision
  • lead in the formulation of policies for the improvement of parliamentary oversight functions
  • Harmonize government business into the work/calendar of Parliament


Based on the above framework the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs performs the following specific functions:

  • Co-ordinate the tabling of government business on the floor of Parliament;
  • Serve as the interface between the Executive and Parliament
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Government plans, programs and strategies.
  • Facilitate the review/promulgation of legislation and regulations for national development;
  • Undertake such research as may be necessary to enhance the collaboration between Parliament and the Executive;
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of citizen centered collaborative interface with other state and non-state actors on matters relating to the Legislature;
  • Provide strategic leadership for the development of the medium-term plan of Parliament in consultation with NDPC;
  • Harmonize government business into the work plan/calendar of Parliament